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Flare and Contributor

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My organization currently has multiple users that add content to our manuals and do publishing. Each of the users uses Flare and we have not considered Contributor yet. Would it make sense to have only 1 Flare license which would be used to build the manual say once a week, while providing Contributor to a list users who would add content to the manual throughout the week?

Does Contributor allow users to add content directly to the manual as well as modify the TOC to include a new topic? Or does this only allow them to create a topic that must be manipulated/transferred into Flare by a Flare user?

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you
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Re: Flare and Contributor

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You might want to direct your question to the Madcap Sales people, who will get input from Madcap techies.
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Re: Flare and Contributor

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Contributor allows you to create topics, but you need Flare to add them to a TOC or do any publishing. You could add topics by modifying the XML of the TOC file if you're up for it.
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