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Conditions/Variables link

Post by gmccardle »

Is there any way to create a link to variable set or condition tag set files in Contributor like you can with CSS files. It would be nice be able to use variables/conditions by linking to the files, rather than having to always create review packages in Flare whenever variable/conditions are needed in a topic file.

Even better would be if Contributor by default looked for the ../../Project/ConditionTagSets/ and ../../Project/VariableSets/ folder like it does with the Resources/Stylesheets/ folder for the CSS.
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Re: Conditions/Variables link

Post by jmatosky »

I have the same question! Seems the only way the existing Variables and Conditions are available in a topic is if you've created a Review Package, or if you've created a Contribution Template. However, if a Contributor author is going out to a location where Flare source files are located and pulling one of those files to edit, they don't have access to Variables or Conditions.
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