Urgent help! Where's the stylesheet in a Review Package?

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Urgent help! Where's the stylesheet in a Review Package?

Postby crownjulesb on Fri Nov 09, 2018 4:34 am

I've got a major problem with a set of review packages. I exported them for editing by my contributors at a time where I was experimenting with a new stylesheet, and had temporarily changed the primary target for testing purposes. Now the review packages contain styles taken (or missing from) this incomplete stylesheet instead of the correct one. Our quality and compliance department insist on seeing styles in a particular fashion or it no longer complies with their criteria for sign-off. The packages have been edited and I cannot merge changes and export new review packages because I need to RETAIN TRACKED CHANGES - again for compliance issues - which it appears is impossible (I wonder why we even have tracked changes in Contributor if they aren't retained in Flare.. but that's another gripe for another time).

How can I locate the stylesheet that is somehow embedded in the review package, and replace it with the correct one?
All I want to do it drag and drop a file into a few locations.. but finding it in the first place seems impossible, and replacing it might also be impossible.

I seem to be running into multiple roadblocks when trying to wrangle both Flare and Contributor (and Central isn't sophisticated enough for our use either). Not to mention a department of people who only want to use MS word! Flare on it's own is fine.. but the contributor add on seems to be so simplified so that we can't actually do the tasks we need to do..
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