Git destination publish fails

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Git destination publish fails

Postby Niels on Wed Mar 13, 2019 6:37 am

We have experience with project bindings and publishing with SVN (via local Tortoise) and now try just to publish (not to bind the complete project) into a Git repository for the first time. Currently our attempt fails with "Publish failed: Requires both username and password." but:
  • I can log in with my given credentials via a web browser.
  • I can execute commands with GIT bash from some other file system location which I have bound to the same GIT destination.
  • I have set the credentials in the general section of the destination via "Login Credentials".
Does anyone have any idea (maybe on how to further troubleshoot this)? Flare's documentation and their GIT guide do not provide any useful information...
  • Do we require any intermediate local Git integration client (an equivalent to Tortoise like we use it for SVN)?
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