SVN/PushOK issue: offline, can't access repository

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SVN/PushOK issue: offline, can't access repository

Postby kristil on Mon Sep 27, 2010 9:32 am

I installed the PushOK plugin to work with Subversion, but I'm having trouble connecting to the repository. I've confirmed that I'm using the right credentials for the Subversion server, and the right URL and module. But when I try to check in files, Flare asks if I want to continue in offline mode. When I say No, it checks the status of the server and tells me the repository is not available. And when I open the Subversion directory, the files have not been added.

Meanwhile, even though these errors are displayed, Flare still shows my project as bound. And, it asks me if I want updated files when I open a project. And it displays icons next to the files in the Content Explorer.

I'm using v.6.1 of Flare and v. of PushOK, and v.1.6.2 of Subversion.

I have a ticket in, but I'm hoping for some insights here. Has anyone experienced something like this?

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