Lock-Modify-Write in Subversion?

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Lock-Modify-Write in Subversion?

Postby themel-mirai on Fri Mar 11, 2011 10:04 am


is there any way to use Flare and Subversion in a way that allows only one user at a time to edit a specific file? In general, this would be done by setting the svn:needs-lock property on project files and then doing "svn lock" checkout operation (turns local file writable, no one else can do the same). I tried setting this up behind Flare's back, but it doesn't seem to lock files even if they have svn:needs-lock set and some strange behaviour ensues (wasn't able to check in any changes at all until I removed the svn:needs-lock property).

If there's no way to do it, what VCS integration would you recommend to someone trying to use Flare in a multi-author setup that should be LMW-based? We currently have neither SharePoint nor TFS sitting around.

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