Publishing to GitLab

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Publishing to GitLab

Postby lisabarry on Tue Jun 20, 2017 6:15 am


I need to publish to GitLab.

I managed to get some files published earlier today, but now I'm having issues and cannot seem to publish anything successfully. When I click Detect in the destination - I get an error saying "no source control providers were found for the folder". I am trying to publish to folders within my existing GitLab project that I use successfully for source control. I suspect this might be something to do with the way I am creating the folder - I have tried creating the folder from within GitLab, from my file explorer and also from within the destination in Flare. No matter which way I create the folder now I seem to be getting issues. Is there a recommended way/order to create a new folder? Is there any step-by-step instructions I can follow? Any other suggestions?

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Re: Publishing to GitLab

Postby Dee Vincent-Day on Tue Aug 01, 2017 12:47 am

I have one project where I only publish twice a year or thereabouts. In addition to this, the repo contains other product content that changes between my publication dates. Because other people make changes to the publish gitlab repo, I was encountering difficulties. To get around the issues, whenever I need to publish, I clone the repo to my hard drive, then I copy the output from the output folder to my local repo. When that is complete I perform a GIT Add (adds any new files to the repo)and then do a Commit and Push. I use tortoise GIT to perform the Add, Commit and Push.

This may seem a long way around but it works a whole lot better for me. I now have less stress and publishing takes less time because I am not trying to iron out synchronising git repos.

I find cloning the repo each time avoids issues with content added by others. This is primarily why they tell you to have separate repos for each project.
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