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Flare 2017r3 will not bind with Perforce

PostPosted: Mon Apr 23, 2018 7:38 am
by mmlsadkin
I am currently using Flare 2017r3 and trying to bind Flare to Perforce (2018.1), but am unsuccessful.
My project files have been submitted to Perforce. When I tried to do this using Flare, I get error notices that it was unsuccessful. So I submitted all of my files through Perforce. When I go back to Flare, the files have a lock image next to them. I can right-click and choose Check Out, and now the file has a red check mark, but when I try and save, I get an error.

When I click "Get Latest Version", this is the message i get:
Querying source control server. This could take several minutes.
Failed to synchronize files.

The source control operation finished with warnings and/or errors. Press Close when you are done reviewing the messages.

Does anyone know why Flare won't talk to Perforce. Is this a Perforce issue, or a Flare issue?