Flare 2018, Subversion, and Moving Servers

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Flare 2018, Subversion, and Moving Servers

Postby Mishou6779 on Mon Jun 11, 2018 8:43 am

Hi all,

I use Flare 2018 and my company uses Tortoise SVN and Subversion for source control. A couple of months ago, my new manager came to me and told me that I had to put my help files into Subversion "right now." Since I had an external backup of my help project, I dove in without reading the Flare help. (I know.) Via a crazy mix of adding via TortoiseSVN and committing with SVN Commit (repo-browser was in there somewhere too), I added the following files:

The flprj file
The Content file
The Project file
The Output file

By dumb luck, turns out I added the right files since I did it manually, according to this Flare help page:


My only complaint is that when I go to the Pending Changes tab it hangs for a long time before I can see the list of files, and then for commit it really drags. I have wondered if this was my fault because of the way I added the project to Subversion.

So now I have marching orders to move to a new server. Again, it's a right now thing. The old server isn't "dead" yet, so I'm tempted to unbind the project from the old one and then from within Flare (this time) bind the project to the new server.

If I unbind it from the old server (from within Flare) and then bind it to the new server (also within Flare), will I create heartache for myself? Just wondering if anyone out there has done this and has a "wish I knew..." list or something. I'm kind of hoping that doing so would make Flare run faster. Binding it with Subversion slowed my project to a crawl.

Thank you!
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