Building Flare output on a server using scripts

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Building Flare output on a server using scripts

Postby JimAtPanduit on Mon Jul 02, 2018 1:28 pm

We are using Flare in several projects. We are using external source control, MercurialHg because that is what is used to build our installation files from source.

We have two major issues we would like to resolve.

1. Output folder

The flare output is being put in a folder which uses the host computers User as a folder name.
We would like to assign a consistent name to the output folder so that if another user builds the output it lands in the same folder and can be checked into the same folder when we are committing the output as well as the content.
Which leads to issue 2.

2. We use MercurialHg as our repository tool

We are currently having the Madcap author do a build and then checkin not only content but the output folder because engineering did not have a madcap license in order to build from the content source on the build server.

We now have an unused license which could be used if it were possible to setup an environment where scripts could do the build. The script would expect a consistent place to output but it would solve the issue 1 by not requiring the checkin of the output folder from the author(s).

We would appreciate any help in being able to build the flare output using script files and not having to actually load Flare. Thanks in advance.
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Re: Building Flare output on a server using scripts

Postby Dave Lee on Tue Jul 03, 2018 12:03 am

1. Instead of trying to change the output folder, you can publish the output to any folder that you want. First create a new destination in Project Explorer, then set your target to publish to that destination.
See: ... ations.htm

2. There are a couple of options:
(a) Set up a schedule for the build by using a batch target: ... Target.htm
(b) Build your targets (or batch targets) from the command line (e.g. to run it from your own scripts): ... d-Line.htm
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