TFS:Single workspace, or 1 workspace per project?

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TFS:Single workspace, or 1 workspace per project?

Postby Wendy_Pod on Tue Jul 03, 2018 7:53 am

Hi all,

Those of you using TFS for source control, do you use a single workspace mapping in TFS, or do you have Flare create it's own workspace mapping for each project?

I'm currently working with MadCap support to sort out an issue we are having with Flare remapping our TFS workspace mapping when we add new topics. Things work fine if we complete the add and checkin using Visual Studio, however if added and checked in using Flare, the single workspace mapping is modified and the new topic placed in a Content folder in the root of the previous mapping. :shock:

It seems MadCap encourage a 1:1 ratio of Flare project to workspace mapping as would be created using the Import Wizard

We support a large number of products, many of them legacy and recently imported from FrameMaker, and each product artifact (guide, release notes, etc) has its own idiosyncrasies which necessitates housing them in their own project. Having 30+ project workspace mappings seems ridiculous!

Does anyone else use a single mapping created in Visual Studio, and then work from the local repository that is created with thaat mapping?

If so, does creating and adding new content within Flare, using the in-Flare source control tools have any impact on your single mapping?

FWIW, we are using Flare 2018, TFS 2015, Visual Studio 2017.


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