Multi-line check in comments with TFS

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Multi-line check in comments with TFS

Postby TaylorTalkington on Thu Sep 27, 2018 8:10 am

According to this thread, pressing shift-enter should allow a user to enter multi-line comments when checking in a file.

Unfortunately, this is definitely not the case with Flare 2018 and TFS. Even shift-enter now causes the check in to occur with incomplete comments. Luckily it's possible to edit the comment later through Visual Studio...

Pasting a multi-line comment from a different text editor does work, but is there any other key-combination that would allow for creating multi-line check in comments within Flare?

I want to encourage our users to write good comments for their check ins, but requiring them to use an external text editor is going to create another challenge there.

*edit* - Pasting multi-line comments only seems to work when checking in a single file (using the context menu option) and not the Source Control Explorer. In the case of the Source Control Explorer, only the first line is used.
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