Bitbucket 2G limit

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Bitbucket 2G limit

Postby tcorman on Thu Dec 20, 2018 4:49 pm

Our Flare project is about 5M, and BB has a 2G limit. Plenty of headroom, you'd think, and yet periodically the BB repo is suddenly 1.8G. We have exceeded the 2G limit at times, at which point you are locked out and cannot push. The temporary fix is to open a support ticket with Atlassian asking them to run garbage collection - when they are done, *all* your Flare users must clone a fresh copy of the repository, move any work in progress from the old copy to the new one, and work only in the new copy.

Anyone else see this? One odd thing that may be related: from time to time, I'll push a small number of topics and the Flare progress dialog displays numbers for "bytes pushed" that are way above what they should be. Even if I abort the push, it appears to succeed - it's listed in BB Commits and the correct files appear to be committed. This might be related - I haven't nailed it down.

Anyone else seeing this? Successfully fixed it? It's causing us a lot of heartburn.
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