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Branching Question

PostPosted: Tue May 07, 2019 6:22 am
by PK
Hi all,

Have a general and probably quite simple question.

I work with a single Flare project that contains a large number of guides and different versions of the guides therein. As the source requires an awful lot of different conditional content, the source is becoming a bit unwieldy.

What I would like to do is basically stop work on the current project (which is under SVN control) and be able to to make updates to it and generate guides for it if required but to just start working from a 'clean' project from the next major release and strip out all the conditions from the new project.

Is it just as straightforward as just cloning (or branching) the current project under a different name in SVN, stripping the conditions from the new project and just preserve the older project as on for updates and building those versions of the guides when needed.

Would be interested in in hearing how other writers do this.

Thanks in advance.