Flare binds project to source control on its own

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Flare binds project to source control on its own

Postby ceriwilliams on Fri Jun 28, 2019 2:01 am

I work on a Flare project with two other colleagues. We use git for source control externally to Flare (using SourceTree).

Every now and then we notice the "Source Control" tab appear in Flare. In SourceTree, it shows a file change in which SourceControlBound changes from "false" to "true". But none of us has ever deliberately bound the project to source control in Flare. None of us knew how to use it until I had to look up how to unbind the project again. The change has come from more than one user, so it's not just one person on the team making this mistake.

Is there some action in Flare that might switch on source control, besides the obvious "Project Properties > Source Control > Bind Project..." ? Or something I can do to ensure this doesn't happen again?

I hope my explanation makes sense, I am not an expert with source control! Many thanks in advance.
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