Flare 2019 and Git Hub - Keep losing the binding

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Flare 2019 and Git Hub - Keep losing the binding

Postby stevenmundy on Fri Sep 13, 2019 2:12 am

Hi everyone,
We are using Flare 2019 in a team of Authors with GitHub. Since upgrading to the new version of Flare where GitHub is built into the app we are having problems with reliability of the process. The branch is often broken but shows as intact in Flare. The net result is we can't trust the software to check in our changes. This is even more of a problem when several authors are collaborating on a project.
We have raised this with Flare but as yet the bug has not been fixed.
Has anybody else experienced the same problem?

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Re: Flare 2019 and Git Hub - Keep losing the binding

Postby WriterAndrew on Fri Sep 13, 2019 4:01 am

Not experienced your exact problem, but I know that my Flare 2019 crashes maybe 3-4 times a week, and 9 out of 10 of those crashes are git-integration related...
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Re: Flare 2019 and Git Hub - Keep losing the binding

Postby dpcremin on Wed Sep 25, 2019 10:12 am

We have just started using the Github connector. We are also experiencing some difficulties with committing to the REPOS, and we experience frequent crashes. Is Madcap aware of specific issues, and are they doing any work to address them?
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Re: Flare 2019 and Git Hub - Keep losing the binding

Postby Richard W on Wed Oct 07, 2020 3:31 am

I've been having similar problems. My Flare project is using source control but I've actually been using gitHub Desktop to do the commits and pushes. I've found that it is only pushing a subset of changes for some reason - often it seems fine for any files I've added, but misses changes to existing files. This happens silently, and what's worse, on a couple of occasions has apparently thought the unaltered files in the repo were more recent than my changed ones, and locally overwritten the very source changes I was trying to check in.

I'm not actually sure what's causing this yet, or whether it's a Flare problem or something else - it's very odd. Also extremely frustrating - I'm going to have to start backing up my source code before trying to check it in, which seems perverse! Luckily it's only affecting the source not the output, so I've been able to reconstruct most changes from looking at the output to see what it should be, but that's time-consuming and doesn't work for style changes or changes to other targets.
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Re: Flare 2019 and Git Hub - Keep losing the binding

Postby ChoccieMuffin on Wed Oct 07, 2020 9:59 am

Binding to source control is a long-standing problem, so would you be able to do it by using GIT outside of Flare? We use SVN for our source control and never bothered using the Flare integration becaus of the often-reported problems that people have had over the years.
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