How to connect Flare 2019 r2 to source control?

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How to connect Flare 2019 r2 to source control?

Postby basia on Mon Mar 02, 2020 9:01 am

The status of my Flare project is Disconnected :? In order to make changes I have to use TortoiseSVN because the Source Control options in Flare are unactive.
:?: Any idea how to connect? :?: (no, clicking "Reconnect" doesn't work)

About the project:
* Flare 2019 r2
* the project was migrated to Flare from xDocs
* the project is bound to Subversion 1.8.19-4429.59
* according to the Flare 2019 r2 system requirements, the version of Subversion we use is supported

* must use an SVN client to add and commit files
* majority of the Ribbon > Source Control options are unactive
* some of the changes made are not present in the change log
* cannot change filenames

Already tried with no result:
* unbinding and rebinding the project with source control
* removing the local copy of the project and checking out the project again
* clicking Ribbon > Source Control > Reconnect
* contacting MadCap Flare Technical Support

Maybe you have any ideas on how to solve this problem and connect to source control? :oops:
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