Flare 2020 and Azure DevOps Server for source control?

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Flare 2020 and Azure DevOps Server for source control?

Postby Kirsty on Sun Sep 06, 2020 10:43 pm

Is anyone else using Azure DevOps Server for your source control with Flare and Lingo?
One of the dev managers I work with described it as "effectively TFS 2019". I was checking the Flare 2020 and Lingo 11r2 system requirements today, and noticed that up to TFS 2018 is listed, but nothing since Azure DevOps.

Generally, we haven't had issues, until a translation bundle with Lingo, but I wanted to be aware if we are using a combination of products that might not be supported or preferred.

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Re: Flare 2020 and Azure DevOps Server for source control?

Postby GKoch on Tue Oct 06, 2020 7:46 am

Hi Kirsty,

Azure DevOps is the cloud version of Microsoft Visual Studio, which is often used interchangeably with TFS. The naming conventions are crazy and confusing, especially since DevOps is also used generally to refer to a continuous delivery methodology for IT folks. Azure DevOps is Microsoft's software for implementing DevOps on an Azure server, which is hosted by Microsoft. Your dev manager was not wrong when they described Azure DevOps as "effectively TFS 2019," but understanding that properly depends on what you think of when you think of TFS.

(See what I mean by saying the naming conventions are crazy and confusing? :lol: )

You can use a few different versions of source control in both Visual Studio and ADO (Azure DevOps). The two most well-known, I would say, are TFVC (Team Foundation Version Control) and Git. You can also bind Flare projects using either of these two source control methods, enabling you to use the Source Control ribbon within Flare to check in/check out files, get latest versions, etc. which work somewhat differently between TFVC and Git, and your Source Control ribbon will have different buttons depending on which one you're using.

My team is using both Visual Studio and Azure DevOps to manage source control. We've been using Visual Studio for years, but then we had to migrate off our server and into an Azure server (which is managed by Microsoft rather than your company), so now we use ADO as well. I'm currently using Visual Studio 2017, but 2019 is available, and the Community version is free (you have to get a license for the other versions of 2019, which you don't need if you're just using it for source control purposes to bind to Flare).

To my knowledge all versions of Flare can work with either Git or TFVC as source control, but Flare 2020 r.2, which just came out, is specifically marketed as integrating with ADO. Link to that: https://www.madcapsoftware.com/madcap-flare-2020/#content.

However, I know that you can at least bind a Flare project to source control if that source control is a TFVC project or a Git repo on ADO using Flare 2019, Flare 2019 r2, or Flare 2020, because I've done so.

What I'm less sure about is using ADO to perform builds and publishes of Flare projects, and how that might differ between different versions of Flare. I sent an email to Jennifer Morse this morning inquiring on that subject.

(And I'm sorry-- I've never used Lingo, so am not able to comment on that.)
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Re: Flare 2020 and Azure DevOps Server for source control?

Postby Craig.Prichard on Sun Feb 21, 2021 10:26 am

Please keep me in the loop on this subject. I need to evaluate the viability of Flare integration with ADO so I can intelligently sell the solution to my dev team. Thank you. Craig
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