Looking for version control advice

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Looking for version control advice

Postby RickD on Wed Sep 16, 2020 10:30 pm


I currently have a very simple setup where I have 3 Flare projects for 3 applications and I am looking for the best way to manage them in BitBucket.

At the moment, it's just me but I want a setup that accommodates collaboration and allows us to push live quick updates as well as work on documentation changes that will not go live for weeks,

Currently, the 3 projects have 6 repos - each project has the Flare project folder + the folder that each project 'publishes' to. Project folder repos are for backups, and the output folder are what are pushed live to the website. This is goes back to before my time. I want a set that multiple people can work on, pulling their own branches to work on quick updates and updates that may not go live for weeks. It looks like there should just be the one repo for each project at the very least, but looking for advice.

I'm sure there is a standard way that this should be done :-)

Many thanks!
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