Inserting Current SVN revision as a Variable?

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Inserting Current SVN revision as a Variable?

Postby spw24 on Fri Sep 18, 2020 6:11 am

Hi all,
I'm using SVN to version control my Flare project and I'd really like my output to include the SVN revision number used to build it.
Is this possible? (I would have thought it could be done by the use of a variable)
If so, how?

I don't really want to actually insert the revision number manually...I'm bound to forget to do it sometimes!

Thanks in advance for any advice!

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Re: Inserting Current SVN revision as a Variable?

Postby ChoccieMuffin on Mon Sep 21, 2020 5:40 am

I'm using something that my predecessor and our build manager did between them, which runs a PowerShell script to query SVN to find the revision number and then replaces a placemarker in a named variable set with the SVN number. I'm sorry I can't be more help with WHAT you have to do, just saying it can be done, and I hope that might start you off in the right direction. This is all done on our build machine which runs the PowerShell script before building all our targets, but you may be able to invoke a script as a pre-build event command on your target (on the Build Events tab of the target). No promises, but that might set you in the right direction. The bit in the PowerShell script looks for SVN info along the lines of ".info.entry.commit.revision", don't know if that's useful information for you.
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