Versioning and branches within Flare

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Versioning and branches within Flare

Postby royj on Thu Feb 05, 2009 12:46 pm

I'm starting to learn about creating versions and managing branches with source-control, and I'd like to apply some of these concepts within Flare. But so far, I can't quite suss out how to do the following:

    Tagging my project and content files as a specific version
    Creating a branch for maintenance updates of older documentation versions

Are these actions I can do in Flare, or do I need to do them in MSTFS (our source code repository)?
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Re: Versioning and branches within Flare

Postby forfear on Sat Feb 14, 2009 7:37 pm

We use Team Foundation Server source control.

The short answer...use Team Explorer(Visual Studio), to label, branch your code. Not in Madcap Flare/Blaze.

May i also recommend you to use this plugin (Team Foundation Sidekicks)
if you are not already using it,

Recommended use even by Microsoft TF evangelists to circumvent limitations with v1.0

Enhances how TFS 1.0 shows labelled/history items. If you had used Visual Source Safe 6.0d/2005 to show history/labels before you'll know what i mean.
If you submit your bug feedback request here, the more likely it'll get fixed or included in a future release
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