Source Control Operation: Batch or Singletons?

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Source Control Operation: Batch or Singletons?

Postby trent the thief on Tue Feb 24, 2009 1:59 pm


I'm running 4.2 now. I am noticing what I think is a new behaviour in the interaction between Flare, TamTam, and CVS.

I have been moving graphics for a newly imported project from the content root to a new directory to get them out of the way. This is the order of operation:

1. Flare calls CVS
2. CVS launches SSH (in a hidden terminal).
3. CVS removes the file from root.
4. SSH closes.
5. CVS closes
6. Flare calls CVS
7. CVS launches SSH (in a hidden terminal).
8. CVS pastes adds the file to root/graphics.
9. SSH closes.
10. CVS closes.

Why isn't this operation being batched?

What's up with this? Changing the location of 50 graphics is taking over an hour. I don't have this delay in explorer using TortoiseCVS or with WinCVS. I don't remember this happening before 4.2.

Tell me your source control nightmare stories. Searching the forums for "Source Control" brings back the message that source and control are too common to search for LOL.



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Re: Source Control Operation: Batch or Singletons?

Postby forfear on Wed Feb 25, 2009 3:09 am

We use Team Foundation over here.
Working directly with source control is much slower... indeed,

how about
- checking out the entire project first.
- and then check it all in when you're ready. Files that had no changes won't generate new copies in the database.

interesting though ... lare&v=4.2
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