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Tutorial: Flare 4.2.1 + SVN + TAMTAM SVN SCC

PostPosted: Thu May 28, 2009 2:31 am
by RDieter
Hi everyone...

my company recently added Source Control to Flare. First, we tried to use the pushOK-Plugin but we had several problems with it as it seems to be very strict concerning TortoiseSVN versions.

After a few hours I tried the following plugin which seems to work very fast: (1.2.21)

The important thing is to install this plugin and use it with the following svn client: (1.6.2)

After you have installed both be sure to select the correct plugin and to point the plugin in MadCap Flare to the path of the svn.exe of the sliksvn-client.

I hope this may help someone... if you have any questions mail me via r.dieter "a/t"

Good Luck!
PS: Sometimes you might get an "error"-message which is rather a warning/information, not an error. Additionally, I don't want to do advertise for the plugin but I think $9.99 is a good price.
PPS: The author of the TamTam plugin emailed me with an additional advise: use the svn client of if silksvn doesn't work

Re: Tutorial: Flare 4.2.1 + SVN + TAMTAM SVN SCC

PostPosted: Thu May 28, 2009 4:28 am
by Paul Griffiths
Could you say a little more about the problems you had with pushOK and Tortoise? Our developers use TortoiseSVN for their code and if I decide to add my Flare sources I'd prefer to use their tools if at all possible.

Re: Tutorial: Flare 4.2.1 + SVN + TAMTAM SVN SCC

PostPosted: Thu May 28, 2009 7:11 am
by RDieter
the first problem we had was a very slow transfer rate (took about 2 mins to add the new/empty flare project to the svn) which COULD be a result of the protocol we use (https). however, with the tamtam plugin the transfer rate is quite well.
the second and probably most annoying problem was that the checkout/-in mechanism didn't work at all... sometimes files were marked as "locked"/checked-out by some other user which wasn't the case...
additionally, importing a project didn't work,too. when another user tried to import the flare project the only file which was imported from the svn was the project file, no topics etc. so we had to use tortoisesvn from explorer to get the project.

/e: you can use tortoisesvn and the silksvn client both at the same time (tortoisesvn for explorer-based tasks and silksvn for flare) - there's no difference.