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Madcap Suite - Career Advice

Postby jkpalmer on Fri Dec 08, 2017 6:17 am


I'm a self-employed systems consultant who has been a Madcap Suite (Flare, Contributor, Capture, and Analyzer) user for a few years for my current customer.

I have gone through the Flare Developer Certification class in Feb of 2017.

My current contract goes through November 2018, where I will be continuing in my role as the "Flare Administrator", managing the development and publication of content for several projects.

I see lots of job opportunities for technical writer positions (which I do not consider myself to be), but not very many for content and publication management.

I plan on scaling back on work, but would still enjoy using the Madcap Suite in a "management" mode.

Just wondering if there is a demand for someone with this kind of desired role?

Any advice / suggestions would be welcome.


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