Index Pane and 120 DPI/125% view in Windows

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Index Pane and 120 DPI/125% view in Windows

Post by rjhoughton »

Some of our customers use our software in 125% view (Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Display).

In the DotNet Help viewer, in the Index Pane, the letters that have descenders (like p, q, y, g) are all being cut off. I have tried everything in the Project > Skins > Skin Name > Styles to change how this appears in the "IndexEntry" style but there must be an override somewhere.

What's even more confusing? The Search and TOC panes display the words just fine with no cut off letters.

I'm submitting an email support request, but I thought someone might have run into this before.


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Re: Index Pane and 120 DPI/125% view in Windows

Post by LTinker68 »

My guess is it's the hard-coded styles defined in the index.htm page that Flare creates when it generates the output. You can test it by navigating to that file in the output (inside the Skin folder), opening the file in Notepad, and deleting all the hard-coded font sizes declared in the file, save it, then launch your help to see if that resolved the issue. Deleting those font size declarations should force it to inherit the styles from your stylesheet, so as long as you didn't specify any absolute sizes (e.g., 12px or 12pt) for your fonts, you should be fine.

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