DotNet Help + DotNet App + ClickOnce Deployment = ?

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DotNet Help + DotNet App + ClickOnce Deployment = ?

Post by alex »

Does anyone else out there create DotNet Help for a DotNet application that uses ClickOnce Deployment?

Our developer has indicated that he has to manually add every file in my DotNet Help output every time I update help.
He also indicated that there is no way for him to know what he has already added after he adds each file.

This often results in help topics, PDFs, or images missing from the help that goes out with the application.

I'm hoping someone else has found a better way to do this.

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Re: DotNet Help + DotNet App + ClickOnce Deployment = ?

Post by adlangx »

Developer here.

I'm not exactly sure what ClickOnce deployment is, but it sounds like you are outputting in madcap format for consumption by the madcap viewer. In that case the output is a large director of many files and folders.

What I did is blow away the help files on the user machine whenever there was an update. Then I install the new help files in their place. Trying to monkey with individual files sounds like a mess that I would not want to try and deal with.
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