Xrefs and links across PDFs

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Xrefs and links across PDFs

Postby kevinmcl on Wed May 16, 2018 9:02 am

We generate both an HTML version of our docset and the same content as multiple PDFs. These are delivered together, with the PDF version of a guide being an option for printing or offline viewing of that content.
So, for example, our home page, for a complete docset for a product, includes a table with a "doc" per row

Installation Guide PDF Description of install guide
Configuration Guide PDF Description of configuration guide
Administration Guide PDF Description of admin guide...

The words on the left are links to major sections of the html. The "PDF" is a PDF symbol that is a clickable link to the PDF version of that same portion of the docset, and so on.

In PDF output, when a cross-reference points to a different PDF in the doc set (e.g. from the Installation Guide to the Administration Guide), the cross-reference is generated as plain text, including "on page 1".
Is there a way to remove the incorrect page number (or better yet, generate the correct page number) when output is generated?
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