Publishing glossary in ServiceNow

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Publishing glossary in ServiceNow

Postby tagalong on Tue May 10, 2022 11:00 am

We'd like to use the glossary terms and definitions for our ServiceNow target. Since ServiceNow requires clean XML output, which doesn't support including the JavaScript for the glossary definition popup, I'm placing the definition inline with the text, but I need to solve one or two issues:

1) Ideally, I'd prefer to add open and close parentheses ( ) before and after the definition, but since the popup is created by a MadCap pseudo-class, nothing seems to work when I try adding ::before and ::after adding MadCap|popupBody classes in my stylesheet.

2) As an alternative to parentheses, I've tried adding a border for the definition. This appears to work in a browser preview of the output files, but doesn't seem to work in ServiceNow -- see screenshots.
[attachment=1 width="50%"]2022-05-10_13-39-45.png[/attachment]

Has anyone used glossaries in ServiceNow, and if so, how do you solve for this?
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