Applying conditional text to graphics - best practice

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Applying conditional text to graphics - best practice

Postby rogersm on Tue Aug 18, 2015 3:28 am

Hi all,

Is it best practice to apply conditional text to graphics within a topic or should you apply conditional text to the actual graphics files in Content Explorer?

For example, if I have a topic that includes two graphics and each graphic has different conditional text applied to cater for two different types of output. Should I apply conditional text to the graphics in the topic or apply it to the graphic files in Content Explorer? If I apply conditional text to the graphic in the topic and I subsequently need to include the same graphic in a new topic, then I need to reapply the conditional text to that graphic in the new topic. This is fine to do, but I am just wondering if this is the correct approach.

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Re: Applying conditional text to graphics - best practice

Postby ChoccieMuffin on Tue Aug 18, 2015 9:04 am

Whenever I include a graphic, I put it inside a <p> tag specifically for graphics, called (not surprisingly) p.graphic. I adjusted the padding/margins top and bottom so there is a bit more space before and after graphics, and also applied page-break-before: avoid;.

When applying conditions to screenshots I apply the condition to the <p>, not the individual graphic, and don't bother applying conditions in Content Explorer. This means that I don't end up with an empty paragraph in my document where a conditioned-out graphic sits.

In your situation I assume that you'd put each of your graphics inside a separate <p> and then apply the conditions as required, say ProductAOnly and ProductBOnly. When you generate the target for Product B, set the condition ProductAOnly to Exclude. (You don't need to set ProductBOnly to Include, as include is the default behaviour.)

There is one instance where I DO add conditions in Content Explorer, and that's when using Global Product Linking, as I might not want to import ALL the files from the linked project into the target. But GPL is a whole different discussion. And any conditions I have applied in that circumstance are ONLY used for importing.

Hope that helps.
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