reusing sitecore content

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reusing sitecore content

Postby pdenchfield on Fri Apr 14, 2017 2:02 pm

In our HTML5 help tripane deliverables (in process of moving to top nav), we currently maintain our own footer content within our Flare projects. The footer design does not appear to be responsive -

PC screenshot for help footer:

Mobile screenshot for help footer:

Instead, I'd like to single-source from another team, reusing sitecore content. AND I want to follow the same responsive design setup as seen on the other team's site (delivered by sitecore) -

PC screenshot for corporate footer:

Mobile screenshot for corporate footer:

* Is it possible to reuse sitecore content in Flare?
* OR How can I automatically update our help footer based on our published corporate website (or its sitecore source)?
* How can I make our help footer adjust display by device/size like our corporate website does?

Thanks in advance!
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Re: reusing sitecore content

Postby GregStenhouse on Wed Apr 19, 2017 2:15 pm

I don't think a shared footer is possible within Flare, not easily anyway. One approach would be at the level above Flare, for example, have a landing page that serves up the help in the top area and the shared footer at the bottom.

As an alternative, you may be able to get close to the look you want in Flare using responsive layouts?
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Re: reusing sitecore content

Postby Dave Lee on Thu Apr 20, 2017 12:26 am

Yeah, Flare gives you a few options for handling layout of your topic content - as mentioned before here.

(A) Flare's Responsive Layout control (Home > Responsive Layout)

(B) Foundation grid (v5.5), which is already included in HTML5 outputs.
Grid layout: ... /grid.html

So the tools are in Flare do do this - give it a try, it's not that difficult.
I used Foundation grid for the footer in this help.
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