Single-sourcing for multi-lingual outputs

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Single-sourcing for multi-lingual outputs

Postby adrianaharper on Tue May 16, 2017 8:52 am

Hi everyone,

I am brand new to Flare and new to the forums - TIA for help!
My project and desired outcome is as follows: We author in English (3 authors), translate into French, and then need to output to EN and FR HTML5 outputs (that can be hosted on an S3 bucket somewhere, or something). We also need to have context-sensitive help; to the same article in the language of the user when the user links from our application to the article. Here are my thoughts so far, on our project setup and best practices:

1. Author a Flare project in EN
2. Send to Lingo
3. Translate project in Lingo into FR
4. Import FR project back into Flare
5. Output one HTML5 output from EN Flare project
6. Output one HTML5 output from FR Flare project

Can anyone point out better ways / different approaches? Do I have any possible stumbling blocks with this process?

And a question - How do I link projects to Flare and Lingo so that as we add files in my EN Flare project, they get tracked, added, translated, and updated in Lingo and (ultimately) in my FR project? What about alias files, for multi-lingual output? I think we need the same identifier, for both the EN and FR version of our article(s), in order to have the application open either the EN or FR version of an article depending on the language they come into our help output from?

Thanks again :)
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