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Merging folders

PostPosted: Fri Jun 23, 2017 12:55 am
by Dave1975

In my Flare project I imported one small and one large Framemaker manual. Flare created for each of them a folder in the content explorer.

There is an overlap of content between both manuals, and I would like to make sure that a single source exists for those shared topics.

As a test I moved one topic from the large manual to the small manual's folder. As the topic exists in both manuals, my move overwrites the duplicate topic.

Now when I go and check the TOC for the small manual, I see an error next to the title of the "overwritten" topic saying a bookmark is missing. The link however does point to the correct "new" topic and when I build the target, the topic is included in the output.

Before I do any more of these moves, I'd like to know if I can just ignore the error about the bookmark as there doesn't seem to exist a problem for the output.

Any thoughts?



Re: Merging folders

PostPosted: Fri Jun 23, 2017 4:28 am
by Nita Beck
I don't advise ignoring errors. Flare is looking for a bookmark that apparently was in the topic that was overridden, and were I you, I'll clean that broken link to a bookmark up. I suspect that that topic's TOC entry on the TOC that Flare invented when you imported the small manual is looking for the bookmark. You can edit the TOC entry to remove the bookmark part of it.

I'm not on Flare at the moment, so am going on memory, but there is a command somewhere called "Project Analysis" and you can select broken bookmarks specifically to examine issues with the whole project. Use that to clean up any issues. You really don't want to ignore errors like this because they may compound over time, and when there really is an error that affects output, you might ignore it among all the others you're ignoring.