Drop-down headings in Web and Print outputs

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Drop-down headings in Web and Print outputs

Postby Davbo on Wed Jul 19, 2017 6:55 am

Hi all

I'm developing documentation for both web and PDF output. The Web HTML contains many drop-down headings that are styled using the DropDownHead and DropDownHotspot classes (not sure what the difference is between them). For Print output I've adapted these in the @media print section of the stylesheet to look like level 2 and 3 headings with appropriate autonumbering. I find however that the mc-auto-number-offset does not function for the print drop-downs. It seems to have no effect. The only way I can add space between number and heading text is by typing spaces into the auto-number-format. These spaces carry across to the TOC making it look uneven and messy.

Here's part of the css I'm trying to use in the mc-dropDownHead:

mc-auto-number-format: 'GH:{n}.{n+}{ =0}';
margin-left: -2.2cm;
text-indent: 0cm;
mc-auto-number-position: none;
mc-auto-number-offset: 2.2cm;

Any help or guidance would be much appreciated!


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