Equations - Entering and Editing

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Equations - Entering and Editing

Postby GeorgeBell on Wed Sep 13, 2017 8:34 am

Apologies if this is the wrong place to ask, but the end result is for multiple types of output.

I need to display equations in Flare. A lot of these can become quite complex.

Flare's way of doing this is "draconian" to say the very least, as can be seen from their own Help topic on the Subject.

Am I alone here, or do others wish that something like Design Science's MathType could be used in the same way as it does in Word for Windows, and literally hundreds of other applications?

The way it works in Word, is quite simply to place your cursor where the equation is to go, and from the MathType ribbon, select input equation. Create your equation from scratch or use templates. When done, close MathType, and your equation is inserted into Word.

Need to edit an equation, simply double click on it in Word, and Mathtype opens up with your equation.

Flare's method of acquiring MathML code, and pasting into the text editor is a real pain when there is at least one potential add-on which would considerable simplify the process.

I'd appreciate comments from anyone who is faced with Math input in Help projects.
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