Runtime merging alternatives

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Runtime merging alternatives

Postby sebri on Thu Sep 05, 2019 4:57 am

Hi MadCap Flare community. We have following Situation/Problem we cannot solve at the moment, so your help is very welcome :)

We have multiple internal products (=components) with independent release cycles that are shared by multiple official (customer facing) products that also have independent release cylces.
E.g. Component_1 is released every sprint (4 weeks) and is used in a bundled installer (Product A) that is released to customers every 3 months. But the same component_1 is also used by another bundled installer (Product B) that is released very month to customers.
Since the internal components are only internally managed as independent products, but are not directly visible to customers as official products we can only provide separate webhelps for the official products (Product A, Product B,…) but not for the components to our customers.

Since we must branch the state of a component after every component release, we have started documenting the shared components in separate Flare projects. E.g. Product A could use version 1.0 of a component while Product B is already using version 1.3 of the same component.

How to get the component documentation into the webhep for the official products (Product A, Product B,…)

The “runtime merging flare projects feature” could solve our issue, but it seems that it is not available for Side and Top Navigation Skins which we use.

Is there any other solution how to integrate the output (content) of certain (component) Flare projects into another (product) Flare project (Webhelp).
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