Global project file (.flimpfl) commits every single time

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Global project file (.flimpfl) commits every single time

Postby sarahb on Wed May 06, 2020 9:00 am

Hey all,

I'm using Global Project Linking. I've got one global project, creatively called Global-Project.flimpfl. And I've got several "child" projects that are linked to it. Projects are bound to Git (Bitbucket). I notice that every time I open one of the child projects, Flare wants me to commit the Global-Project.flimpfl file. Nothing has been updated in the Global Project at all, so it's not like the child project imported updated resources from Global or anything. I'm really not sure why Flare wants me to commit it. If I do commit it, close the project, open the project again, it again wants me to commit the .flimpfl file. Nothing changed in the amount of time it took me to close and re-open the project. Is this normal behavior? It's a massive annoyance. If anyone has got a solution to address this, that would be great!
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