Single-sourcing glossary definitions

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Single-sourcing glossary definitions

Postby ckerr on Wed Sep 30, 2020 8:40 am

I'd like to set up a glossary to do the following:
[*]Single-source definitions in the glossary for two outputs (internal and external). For example, a single glossary definition might have content that is available internally but not externally
[*]Hover over glossary terms in the output and see a popup of that glossary definition, including a clickable link to a page with more info on the term

I can use snippets and conditions to single-source content to different outputs, but this forces me to use linked topics in the Definition. When I do this, this overrides the Popup style I've selected, so that clicking the glossary term in the output takes me to a different topic, when I want to see a popup including the linked topic.

On the Properties window, on the Glossary Term tab, in the Definition Text field, I'd like to add conditions, hyperlinks and snippets. I've raised a feature request with MadCap for this.

Does anyone have any tips on how to single-source glossary definitions? I know I can do this with linked topics, but this means maintaining a separate definition in the glossary itself, so I'd have to update it in two places.
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