Viewing Mobile Output on Sharepoint Online

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Viewing Mobile Output on Sharepoint Online

Postby parsonsv on Tue Oct 06, 2020 10:24 am

Do you publish your content directly into Sharepoint Online native pages? Does anyone view that content on a mobile device? Then I'm very interested in chatting with you!

Here's my issue:
When I publish my responsive Flare TopNav output to our server, it's easily viewed on a mobile phone. However, when I publish the site in ASPX into Sharepoint Online, and view it through Teams, it's displays well if viewing on a Desktop, but in mobile it doesn't load. Instead, you get a message to download the home.aspx file, and then whether or not you click download for this or click the X to close it, you end up with a screen showing a list of the subsites instead of having the site load.

Has anyone experienced this, and how did you resolve it so that the site does display on mobile devices when published to Sharepoint?

Just for clarification - we aren't displaying the site in Team by simply adding the Website hosted somewhere else to a Tab. Instead, we are publishing the content directly into Sharepoint and then sharing that content from a Tab. We're doing this for two reasons: 1) the content published directly into Sharepoint is now searchable in Sharepoint, and 2) we can view the site on devices using Microsoft Authentication instead of needing the VPN.
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