Display of Responsive Project on iPhone

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Display of Responsive Project on iPhone

Postby terryleehuff on Thu Jun 22, 2017 9:03 am


So I have created an HTML5 project (a user manual), with Responsive settings checked, and it works on my desktop- as I shrink the browser window, the content changes to the mobile view and works as advertised.
But what is the best way to display the project on an iPhone? I transferred the folder to my Dropbox account so I could access it on my iPhone, and when I start the default.htm file it does not display well at all. Maybe the style sheet is not being read properly or at all by the iPhone browser? Some text seems to be from the project, but no content...and I believe the iPhone is trying to open the .htm file with an app it can't find...shouldn't the Safari browser read it correctly?

Is there another, better way to get a Responsive project to be usable on a mobile device?

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!! Terry in San Diego
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Re: Display of Responsive Project on iPhone

Postby Nita Beck on Thu Jun 22, 2017 10:35 am

Hi Terry. Welcome to the forums! :)

It's not enough to copy the files to a cloud folder. The output needs to be hosted on a web server. Personally, I've never had to do the hosting myself; my clients always handle that task. Maybe others can explain the process.

(BTW, I split your question into a new discussion. The discussion you added a reply to was just an introduction explaining the purpose of that particular forum. When you have a question to ask the community, start a new topic in the appropriate forum.)
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