Localized CHM Build Failure due to SBAppLocale.exe error

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Localized CHM Build Failure due to SBAppLocale.exe error

Postby himalayan on Fri Sep 16, 2016 10:50 am

Issue: When attempting to build a localized CHM Help, Flare started to throw the "Failed to copy temporary chm file" error at the very end of the build process. Previously, I was able to build the same localized CHM on Flare 11, but now both Flare 12 and Flare 11 throw this error message and build fails. This error has occurred on other PCs (Wind 7 64 bit) and Server (Win Server 2008) too.

After some investigations, I found out that this build failure occurred because SBAppLocale stopped working. SBAppLocale is used when building a CHM whose language is different from PC's locale. Flare does NOT mention this SBAppLocale failure (not in the log) when build fails.
Location: C:\Program Files\MadCap Software\MadCap Flare 12\Flare.app\Resources\Bin\SBAppLocale\SBAppLocale.exe

Has anyone experienced the same issue? I've already contacted MadCap TS and tried everything (clean the Flare project, move the Flare project to a different location, remove the Flare directory from Registry Editor, remove the Flare folder within \AppData\Roaming, repair .NET frame work) but nothing seems working. I also enabled Compatibility Mode on SBAppLocale, uninstall and reinstall Flare - those didn't work either.

I am really running out of options - any idea what is causing the SBAppLocale error and how to fix this?

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Re: Localized CHM Build Failure due to SBAppLocale.exe error

Postby MPlatt on Tue Jan 12, 2021 1:34 am

Did you get a response?
I'm getting the same problem with SBAppLocale
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