Non-breaking hyphen in heading doesn't display correctly

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Non-breaking hyphen in heading doesn't display correctly

Postby EileenP on Mon Feb 13, 2017 5:53 am

Our product name has a hyphen and a space in it, and we do not want the product name breaking over a line. So I always write it with a non-breaking hyphen (‑) and a non-breaking space ( ).

Now with CHM Help compiled in Flare I'm finding that the non-breaking hyphens look like en dashes. I could live with that.

What's worse is that when a heading is displayed in the Search tab, it displays the hyphen as a weird character. See attached screenshot.

It may also be displayed as the weird character in other circumstances (like in the TOC) -- haven't checked yet.

Because we have our documentation translated to various languages, I need to write the product the same way in all of our documentation. (It keeps the number of unique strings to a minimum.) It's not really an option to write it differently in the headings in Flare than in the rest of our docs.

Any suggestions how to get around this and make the non-breaking hyphen look normal in the compiled help?

Thank you!
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