Can you publish one chm using content from multiple projects

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This target produces "CHM" files in the output.

Can you publish one chm using content from multiple projects

Postby condorhughes01 on Fri Sep 01, 2017 10:35 am


We are using Flare 2017 and publishing online help to chm output. I have content in 5 different projects that I want to merge into one mega chm for the output. We need to keep the content in separate projects due to the amount of content and how the help files are called from the application. However, we also need to combine the published output because the application is scaleable and a customer may need all of the content.

To accomplish this, I tried merging the projects when publishing. Using one of the projects as a parent, in the TOC, I added an item that linked to the child project. On the properties of the item in the TOC, I've tried:

> Select Flare Project and Target...(for runtime merging)
> Select HTML Help...(for runtime merging) I imported the child chm into the parent.

In both cases, there are mulitple chms that are published. While having multiple chms functions correctly in the chm itself, this makes it messy and bulky for our development teams as we provide five different chms currently (that have been merged in a different tool) and this would add 20 more files.

Is there any setting/selection/build event that would allow me to publish one mega chm from a parent project that includes links to child projects?

I am looking for options other than combining the 5 projects into one project due to amount of content.
Thank you in advance for all/any advice.
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Re: Can you publish one chm using content from multiple proj

Postby SKamprowski on Mon Sep 04, 2017 3:40 am


with merge you will get multiple chms as output.
If you want to include all contents in one chm you may need to import all contents into one project. Flare has something that is called global project linking which may help you to organize your projects.
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