Script Error related to MadCapToolbar.js

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Script Error related to MadCapToolbar.js

Postby barbs on Mon May 21, 2018 9:01 am

In the last couple of weeks, we have started seeing an instance of this script error when trying to open a specific Help page from the application (its called from a menu selection to open our Technical Support page).

Error: Unable to get property 'getElementsByTagName' of undefined or null reference


The URL referenced in the error is for: SkinSupport/MadCapToolbar.js. The help page is opened behind the error message box. I can click "Yes" or "No" and the dialog closes and the help is still visible and working; however, in either case "Yes" or "No" the topic toolbar for the page is not displayed. I can subsequently click on other pages in the help and they are displayed correctly with the topic toolbar. I can click back to the Technical Support page and the toolbar does display correctly. The problem appears only when opening this page from the application menu. Below is what our page looks like when we open the page from the application menu, and what it looks like if I open it at any other time from the help system via the TOC or other links or search result:


The seemly obvious problem is the error itself, related to the getElementsByTagName. We did have that problem a few years ago, when trying to open our CHM help system from the application, and we were able to successfully fix that by making sure that the target file was listing a default start page. That is still working just fine for the opening the hep system to the start page from a menu selection.

Another clue to this puzzle is that we cannot repro this problem on a Windows7 machine. My manager was also unable to repro it on a Windows 10 VM that she has taken great care to avoid any windows updates on since installing. My machine is Windows 10 with all updates installed and the QA person working on this with me also has a Windows 10 machine (although I am not sure of his update status). This was also just reported by a customer 2 weeks ago on the version of our software that was released a year ago. I am concerned that a recent Windows 10 upgrade might have messed us up.

I am sending this same information to Flare support, but thought that one of you knowledgeable folks on the forum might recognize the issue.

Barb Stork
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