Images in .chm file look shrunk on high-DPI screens

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Images in .chm file look shrunk on high-DPI screens

Postby Olanko on Mon Apr 15, 2019 6:30 am

I use Flare v. 11.1.0 to produce a file in .chm format. For my project I make screenshots on a monitor with the resolution of 1920*1200. On viewing the .chm output on a high-DPI monitor I stumbled upon a problem that the content looks shrunk: the TOC and toolbar buttons are tiny, the images are too small to make out anything there, which is the main problem. However, the text is scaled.
I studied the information about DPI(PPI), high-DPI (retina) screens, scaling and so on. The only way out I found is to specify the size of images in inches, so they start to look better on high-DPI screens: images are scaled and look of proper size on both ordinary (low-DPI) and high-DPI screens. But as I have lots of images in my project this method seems to be laborious and time-taking.
I downloaded the recent version of Flare (2019) to check that the problem with scaling images is resolved, but it seems that the problem still remains.
I know that the problem lies in Microsoft HTML viewer as it is outdated and lacks many advantages of modern browsers, but I’m aware that some applications have features allowing to produce .chm files where images are scaled on high-DPI monitors.
As I consider Flare to be an advanced application, I wonder maybe I miss some information and there’s a way to make images look good on high-DPI monitors without specifying the size of every image in inches? Any help would be appreciated.
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Re: Images in .chm file look shrunk on high-DPI screens

Postby marksimmonds on Mon May 04, 2020 12:22 pm

Hi Olanko,
Were you able to resolve or receive help for this issue using any Flare settings, Internet Explorer settings, or other settings outside of using a different help authoring tool? I'm still required to produce .chm files also, and even the skin-related images are shrunk in my output. Thank you in advance for your time and response.
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