Does anyone actually use Pulse or Feedback Server?

MadCap Pulse is the only documentation-centric social collaboration platform that enables technical authors to create a complete social layer around their documentation in order to connect, collaborate and share knowledge with authors, employees and customers.

Does anyone actually use Pulse or Feedback Server?

Postby owilkes on Wed May 05, 2021 6:10 am

Our company uses Flare for all our user documentation (I introduced it 10 years ago :))

Someone else looks after it now, but I'd like it to be possible for staff to comment on pages, point out what's missing etc.

I think Pulse should be the tool to do this, but from what I can tell... does it work?

Not as concerned about who's reading which pages (which I also get the value of), just enabling people to comment on the pages themselves & for those to be routed to people to address.

Does it work? I see no comments on the forum, and mostly negative feedback about pulse...

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