Rating stars don't appear for external visitors

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Rating stars don't appear for external visitors

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We successfully got Pulse up and running on our Production server for WebHelp. We have chosen not to enable the "Community" functionality for customers as we do not want people uploading files (especially videos). So, the whole "discussion board" aspect does not appear. We just want the reports and the star rating system, for now.

I was pumped that we got it to work last week. The reports receive data, and the stars appear when you bring up a page. So, when we are at work and go to our WebHelp page (mpay.com/webhelp), we see the stars in the toolbar. However, when we're at home, no stars. Hmpf.

Does anyone understand what's going on? I would really like to have our customers rate the pages through Pulse. If stars do not appear because the rest of the Community stuff is disabled for customers, then I'll look for another rating system until MadCap can fine-tune the granularity of Pulse's security.

Thanks in advance.
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