When does Pule-enabled help content "check in" with Pulse?

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When does Pule-enabled help content "check in" with Pulse?

Post by jdw2465 »

My development team is concerned that the Pulse server is getting pinged even when the Help system is not open. That seems strange to me since analytics should be tied to user behavior while using the help system, not the associated product.

Our product UI is web-based. but that still doesn't explain why it's gathering stats while the help is not being accessed.

Can anyone share some detail around this, or have seen this behavior?


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Re: When does Pule-enabled help content "check in" with Puls

Post by kevinmcl »

It would seem to me that, if there's an innocuous explanation, for the behavior you detected, then MadCap staff would have responded with that explanation sometime in the past couple of years.

Not a hopeful sign.
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