HTML5 searches not working on unconventional syntax

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HTML5 searches not working on unconventional syntax

Postby Fiona on Fri Aug 10, 2018 3:01 am

I am documenting a computer language (APL) and the syntax includes system commands. Each of these is preceeded by a right parenthesis, for example, )SAVE or )LOAD.

The search functionality in the generated HTML5 output is not happy when one of these terms is entered, and responds with "Ensure that search string is properly formatted". If I enclose the term in quotation marks, for example, ")SAVE", then I get a statement as to how many results were found but no details are returned (I also suspect the number found is also incorrect and includes pages with just the word without the preceeding parenthesis).

Is anyone aware of a workaround to this so that it's possible to search for terms that are precedded by a right parenthesis and have only valid results returned?
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