Markers for newly published Topics in Output

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Markers for newly published Topics in Output

Postby lerry_ak on Tue Sep 24, 2019 1:43 am

Hi all,

it's not really a problem but I have not figured out a solution either. Since our dokumantation page for our product is so packed with topics and articles, I wanted to mark some updated or new topics for the customers but could not find any tool that would satisfy my needs. I thought about marker or a text effect that would caught the attention of the customer to a specific topic that says "hey, lookie here I have something new".

Any suggestions or workarounds for that? Thanks in advance
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Re: Markers for newly published Topics in Output

Postby ChoccieMuffin on Wed Oct 09, 2019 10:48 am

You could try this:

Create a generic style called "New" with whatever formatting you want - red bold text on a yellow background, say. (Only need to do this once)
Create a snippet called "New_Stuff", and add whatever you want to appear in the body of the topic, for example "HEY THIS IS NEW STUFF!!!" (Only need to do this once)
Create a snippet called "New", and add whatever text you want to prepend to the first heading of your topic, for example "NEW! - " (Only need to do this once)

For the first time you use this:
1. Create a condition called "New_release_1" or similar.
2. In your topics, add the "New_Stuff" snippet
In the heading of your topic, add the "New" snippet.
3. Condition whatever you've added with the "New_release_1" condition.
4. Generate your target, don't exclude the condition.

Next time round:
1. Add a condition "New_release_2"
2. Add whichever snippet you are using and condition it with "New_Release_2".
3. In your target, EXCLUDE "New_release_1".

When you want to do some tidying up and you know you're never going to need to use the first condition you can search for everything condtioned with "New_release_1" and delete it:

1. In the Find box enter: "<MadCap:snippetBlock src="New_stuff.flsnp" MadCap:conditions="New_release_1" />"
In the Find box enter: "<MadCap:snippetText src="New.flsnp" MadCap:conditions="New_release_1" />"
2. Clear the Replace with box.
3. Select the Find in source code check box.
4. In the File types box, select Topics.

* You might need to do the replacing stuff a second time and select Snippets if you've used your NEW snippet inside a snippet.

I thank you! :mrgreen:
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