Elasticsearch in 2021

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Elasticsearch in 2021

Postby OZScott on Sun May 23, 2021 6:22 pm

Hi guys,

So our department is on an improvement kick again and huge attention is being focused on our Search results.

Over a year ago we moved from the inbuilt MadCap Flare Search functionality to ZOOM Search Engine (primarily because Elasticsearch required a version of .NET that's old and unsupported so IT refused in install it).

I see that the Official Elasticsearch is up to version 7.2 now and so excitedly thought we should be ok to implement it now, but the Flare 2021 documentation still suggests Elasticsearch 5.6 is the only supported / working version.

Has anyone implemented ANY version of Elasticsearch in the last few years who can share some knowledge?

Crossing my fingers here!
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Re: Elasticsearch in 2021

Postby Louise Bennett on Tue Jun 15, 2021 7:57 pm

I'm really interested in this topic too. Sorry I can't answer your question but thought I'd add my 2c worth as this is a feature we've been waiting on for some time. We can't use it due to it not supporting Search filters.

Anyone got any news on when Elasticsearch is going to be better integrated into Flare? We're also finding that the Flare search is really slow for our big project of topics so hoping for some good news on the Elasticsearch front soon.

Louise Bennett
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